The Milano Bovisa Campus arises on the site of the former gasometer of Bovisa, a neighbourhood north of Milan. The campus has been substantially expanded as the result of an international competition, which was announced in 1998 by Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with other local entities (Municipality and Region) and which has brought about a general renewal of the zone.

The Milano Bovisa campus is subdivided into two campuses: the one in via Candiani 72 (Design) and the other in via La Masa and via Lambruschini (Engineering). Both campuses host important research facilities.

The university buildings located in via La Masa/via Lambruschini comprise a modern architectural complex, whose overall profiles recall the shape of industrial buildings in a modern, functional reinterpretation. What remains of a gasometer can still be seen in the background.

The materials used reflect the area’s traditions. For example, the street façade has a compact design with large areas of metal, in an alternation of space and volumes, while the façades looking onto the “patios” present a regular sequence of windows corresponding to the office premises.

The campus includes a wind-tunnel, which is unique in the world for its versatility, along with research laboratories in the fields of aerospace, engineering and energy.

Politecnico di Milano, Campus Bovisa, via Lambruschini, 4, 20156 Milano MI (Italy) Buildings BL28 and BL27


Campus Bovisa Map