Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Videos

All presenters are strongly encouraged to produce a short (2-3 mins) EX-ANTE video in which they will briefly answer the following questions: 

  • What is my session going to address/discuss? 
  • Why should participants join me in this session?
  • Which opportunities or challenges, in relation to my topic, do I wish to explore through engagements with participants?

After the conference, presenters are invited to produce a short (2-3 mins) EX-POST video in which they may wish to answer briefly the following questions: 

  • Did the session meet my expectations? 
  • Was there a useful discussion/interaction with the participants? 
  • Did the discussion lead to new insights or understanding?
  • Did we find solution (s) to the identified opportunities or challenges? 
  • Future plans?

Please add the link to your videos to your session description into the Conference Program, We also encourage you to share your video and/or promote your sessions through social media using #OEGLOBAL19.

Tips to prepare for the video

  • Choose a full HD video in your smartphone record settings for the best resolution possible
  • Choose a silent place to avoid background noise
  • Check that you don’t have any light behind you
  • Make sure that there are no commercial logos on your t-shirt / sweater
  • Hold your smartphone horizontally and steadily (ask someone to hold it if you cannot find a place to self-record)

We need to have a close-up video, in order to have your face in the video and a good audio quality (please try once first, then – if the audio is good enough – go ahead with the recording)

Tips for a great recording

  • If you have a lavaliere microphone (also known as a lapel mic, clip mic, or personal mic), please feel free to use it for optimum quality
  • Check the audio quality of the video once before the final recording
  • Look in the camera and hold a still position for a few seconds before you start talking
  • Share 1) who you are, (2) which are the aims of your presentation/action lab/world cafè/lightening talk/poster, (3) what do you expect from participants, and (4) which is the final outcome you are hoping to accomplish.

Send us an email at conference@oeconsortium.org once your video is loaded and we will promote your session!