OER Use by Public School Students in Pakistan

Sana Shams, Yasira Waqar, Syed Muslim Raza

Center for Language Engineering, KICS-UET, Virtual University of Pakistan

Open education resources (OER) are now being developed all over the world and statistics reveal that members of Opencourse Ware consortium are now spread around the globe. OER movement is based on the efforts of the community around the world to enable access to educational content to marginalized groups and to learners. In Pakistan, OER movement started when textbooks of grades 9 and 10 were digitized and videos were incorporated in the text to augment student understanding. To facilitate access to digitized textbooks computer labs were set up in secondary public schools of Punjab. In the first phase of this study, data was collected from Administrator’s and in the second phase, data was collected from students to find out how OER is being used in the computer labs. Sample population of students comprised of 5478 students. The results of the survey revealed that students mostly use OER to learn about Computer Science and in limited cases about Science subjects. The perception of students about the use of digital resources were that the use of digital resources: provide a background for the topic being taught, get students excited about a topic, give up to date information about the topic, develop literacy skills of students, develop critical thinking skills, improve learning in the subject, allow the teacher to do things that are not usually done, increase learner participation, increase interest of learner in the subject, improve learner satisfaction with the learning experience, improve grades, build confidence of learners, makes learners independent and self-reliant, cater to the needs of different learners, allow learners to experiment with new ways of learning and increase the interest of learner in a wide range of subjects. The study concludes that the use of OER must increase to maximize student learning.


OER Use by Public School Students in Pakistan from Open Education Consortium