A narrative of open pedagogy using open educational resources.

Cheryl Belford

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

This paper is a narrative of understanding the openness of an exit level subject within an undergraduate programme at Cape Peninsula University of Technology through the use of open educational resources within a disrupted higher education context. It explores the extent and effectiveness of the impact of subject participation by way of using open educational resources by students. Its focus is on how the lecturer developed, disseminated, managed (and gauged) student participation across the subject where the extent of student access to computer hardware and online access was unknown. The course’s online components follow a design workbook available online. The curriculum is delivered in the form of videos, online assessments and a blog (inclusive of email) to refine or clarify any of the course content. This narrative is framed by Bronwyn Hegarty’s Attributes of Open Pedagogy: A model for using Open Educational Resources; where the lecturer explores whether this form of openness benefited the learners and lecturer alike in the current higher education climate of equal access to educational resources


A narrative of open pedagogy using open educational resources from Open Education Consortium