Action Lab

[Action Lab] Salad dressing, pendula, navels, scraped knees and future-friendly learning (Accessibility and OER)

Jess Mitchell, Jutta Treviranus and Eva DeLera

Inclusive Design Research Centre

Join this hands-on workshop to examine different learning needs and how OER can be made more user-friendly and accessible to all learners.

In our schools diversity has been regarded as an issue to be tackled, not an asset. However, our connected society and technology-disrupted economy requires diversified, collaborative life-long learners. All learners should reach their unique potential. Education plays a crucial role in fostering social cohesion. Can our formal education systems gain the skills and knowledge needed to support our quickly evolving social and economic reality? What role does open education play in this retooling? Participants will engage in co-design activities to prototype learning resources and processes that foster diversity and inclusion in our classrooms and in our society.

Link to materials that will be used during the workshop: