MyMachine, Engage Learners from Kindergarten to Industries

Mihajela Crnko

Jozef Stefan Institute


MyMachine has been designed to connect all levels of education and industries. The outcome of this creative and innovative process is a working prototype of a ‘dream machine’ designed by a child, produced through collaboration of all levels of education and industry partners. Learn about this non-for-profit initiative for children of all ages that want to have their ‘dream machine’ realised and working.

As the educational landscape is changing with all the novelties being pleased on the digital market this presentation will show the audience how to understand patterns in engaging learners in croos-targeted environments from kindergarten via higher education and industries in design thinking youngsters to the digital consumers market and youth employment circumstances. This being a very simple idea, is cutting straight to the bone of each individual by inspiring creativity, responsibility, learning and product delivery. By understanding the principals of MyMachine the complete vertical connecting formal to informal and low to higher education and industries is what is very clear and filling the gap in today’s educational environments.