ROER4D & GO-GN Research

Developing an evaluation strategy to gain insights into a multi-national project (ROER4D)

Sarah Goodier

University of Cape Town

Evaluation of the ROER4D project was part of the project’s methodology from the scoping stage. The evaluation framework being used in ROER4D is Utilization Focused Evaluation (UFE). UFE is a 12-step decision-making framework for enhancing the utility and actual use of evaluations.  The evaluation work is focused on four of the five project objectives:

  • Develop the capacity of OER researchers
  • Build a network of OER scholars
  • Communicate research to inform education policy and practice
  • Curate output as open content


While the evaluation work focuses on the ROER4D network hub (Cape Town team) activities that are associated with these objectives, this also involves input from the various sub-projects, the mentors and the advisory group. The aim is to assess how the hub’s work is affecting the ROER4D network as a whole.


This presentation will give background into the ROER4D project evaluation context, the scope of the evaluation in the project and provide a snapshot of insights so far.  These insights will help to feedback into the project planning for forthcoming research capacity building activities.


Developing an evaluation strategy to gain insights into the ROER4D multi-national project from Open Education Consortium