Pedagogy & Design

Knowledge Co-Creation with OER: Unleashing the Creative Power of Open

Domi Enders

Open Assembly

Can modularized courseware and content facilitate adaptation of OER? Can collaborative content curation help us contextualize courseware? What happens when students and instructors co-create course resources?

This interactive workshop includes a presentation of 1-2 case studies (15 min), followed by a participatory session (30 min) in which attendees explore collaborative content curation in small groups using existing, modularized MIT OpenCourseWare. The goal is to explore adaptation, discover resources, and experiment with contextualization. The session will wrap up with sharing and feedback from each group (15 min).

A 1 hr workshop: part demonstration, part participatory hands-on session. Projector and Wifi access required. Attendees should bring their laptops or tablets!


Open Assembly (Global 2015 Action Lab) from The Open Education Consortium