A Qualitative Investigation into Washington Community and Technical College Faculty’s Use and Needs in Open Educational Resources

Boyoung Chae and Mark Jenkins

Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Open Educational Resources (OER) have been widely touted as a possible solution to help reduce the cost of textbooks in the community college system. While the cost of textbooks is a heavy burden for nearly all students, given the financial hardship of many community college students, it has received particular attention. However, little has been published about how community and technical college faculty actually use and perceive of OER, nor is there scholarship around the types of support they need to implement and sustain OER use. The lack of qualitative data is also notable. To respond to this need, this qualitative study investigates community and technical college faculty’s OER usage and support needs. First, this study examines the spectrum of faculty’s use of OER and their motivations for implementing them in their instructional practice. Second, the study categorizes the benefits and challenges that faculty experience using OER. Finally, the study synthesizes faculty responses pertaining to the types of institutional support needed in OER implementation.

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A Qualitative Investigation of Faculty Open Educational Resource Usage in the Washington Community and Technical College System: Models for Support and Implementation from Open Education Consortium