A Framework for improving the effectiveness of the Openness in OER Repositories and Open Educational Datasets

Nelson Piedra, Janneth Chicaiza, Edmundo Tovar and Jorge Lopez-Vargas

Universidad TĂ©cnica Particular de Loja, UTPL, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, UTPL

One of the two fundamental concepts related to OER is “the ability to freely adapt and re-use existing pieces of knowledge”. Discovering and re-use of educational resources by both individuals and organizations may have significant creative and economic benefit for educational environment. To facilitate discovering, combining, reusing, integration or adaptation of OER, a key condition is to improve the metadata interoperability between different collections of open material. In this paper, a framework for assessing the effectiveness of the openness in OER Repositories based on Semantic Linked Open Data guidelines is presented. Based on the principles for opening of Open Data, an OER initiative should be considered open if it is made public in a way that observance with the guides: completeness, primary, timeliness, ease of access to digital resources and metadata, metadata documented, metadata in Standard and machine readability Formats, universal Participation, formats non-proprietaries, ensures interoperability between different collections of OER using open licenses both a human-readable description and computer-readable metadata, and persistence. Also, this study advocates the use of Linked Data technologies as an enabler for the development of the next generation of Open Educational Resources, allowing the separation of semantics from syntax, the improvement of discoverability and access, and the use of common vocabularies.

Aims and target groups

The main project objective is the establishment of a set of criteria for evaluating openness of OER collections to ensure the quality of the contents.

The project target groups are administrators, educators, students and self-learners with an interest in OER, without any restriction in terms of sector, school, higher education and vocational education, in terms of users’ age or professional role.

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A Framework for improving the effectiveness of the Openness in OER Repositories and Open Educational Datasets! from Open Education Consortium